Digital Phenotyping & Yield Estimation

State-of-the-art AI pipeline trained with millions of data points

Our solution achieves an industry-defying accuracy of ~99% on fruit count, and less than 5 mm of error for dimension measurement using state-of-the-art algorithms in 3D reconstruction, image processing, and deep learning.

3D reconstruction with cm-level resolution

Gain in-depth insights into each fruit's shape and size with less than 4 mm error on fruit dimensions by interacting with the digital twin of the plant. Precise estimates on fruit weight (g) and plot yield (kg) allow you to confidently track and forecast crop yield.

Phenobee Dashboard

With our user-friendly dashboard, users can effortlessly delve into each plot's data, analyze time series, and compare metrics such as yield and cluster count across multiple plots.

Autonomous Pollination

Aerodynamically Controlled Pollination

Polybee’s solution incorporates aerodynamically controlled pollination (ACP), a proprietary contactless mechanism for self-pollination, using off-the-shelf drones.

We apply our in-depth understanding of the fluid-structure interaction between airflow, mechanical properties of flowers, and the efficacy of pollination as a result of the vibratory motion.

Our proprietary mechanism is patent-pending in strategic markets.

Slow-motion footage capturing the vibrations of tomato flowers in response to the drone's downwash.

Significantly reduce risk of disease transmission 

Due to contactless pollination method, any risk related to disease transmission, for example toBFRV as a result of mechanical friction, reduces significantly. 

Additionally, autonomous pollination ensures uniform performance throughout the year which is lacking in natural pollinators in colder seasons. 

Autonomous Solution

Our technology stack is fully autonomous and provides a delightful user experience that addresses the key pain points of crop workers. With just a few clicks on the app, pollination operations can be initiated.

Drone flying and hovering autonomously over tomato plants.