We are enhancing food security with automation.

Pollination has been left to chance for too long.

30% of global agricultural production depends on pollination. Pollen grains are transferred from male to female parts of the flower to produce fruits and vegetables. We have noticed an anomaly; There are sectors where the only way of pollination is by hand. This makes operations expensive and inefficient, as none of us were born to pollinate.

Hybrid Seeds

a $50 Bn industry entirely depends on hand pollination for production.

Indoor Vertical Farming

A scalable solution for pollination is the industry's biggest bottleneck.


Not all growers are blessed with easy and affordable access to bees.

Our Solutions

With their low cost, precise control and fully autonomous flight, drones are the most capable platform to pollinate and collect data at scale.

Autonomous Pollination

Small sized autonomous drones for pollination at scale.

Farming Intelligence

Software platform to visualize data and predict yields.

High-throughput Phenotyping

Autonomous collection of high-res visual data in indoor plant breeding operations.

We are announcing a global call for pilot trials.

We are deploying trials with vertical farming and hybrid seed companies for pollination and phenotyping. Please reach out to us for more details!

Our Partners

The Agency supports us with horticultural know-how and its network of local growers.

The Foundation supports our development of autonomous pollination methods for indoor farming.

We are alumni of NUSGRIP, the university's deep-tech accelerator.

Our Advisors

We are advised by eminent professionals in business development and horticulture which empowers us to iterate faster.

Teck Moh Phey

Co-founder and Partner
AngelCentral SG

Shuan Hao Teo

Ex Asst. Director,
Singapore Food Agency

Amir Nivy

Venture Manager


We are constantly on the lookout for talented engineers and business developers to take up full-time and internship positions. If you want to deploy your skills to solve one of the most critical problems of our times, please go through the job descriptions at:

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If you want to engage with Polybee for collaborations, investment, or pilots, please reach out to us!

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