Grow more from less

Autonomous drones for precision pollination in indoor farming.

Pollination has been left to chance for too long.

Hybrid Seeds

A $50 Bn industry entirely depends on hand pollination for production.

Indoor Vertical Farming

A scalable solution for pollination is the industry's biggest bottleneck.


Not all growers are blessed with easy and affordable access to bees.


Grow more from less: greenhouses and vertical farming

Enhance the quality of your produce with lower rejection rates. Our method of self-pollination promises to maximize the fertilization of every flower since it is pollinated at just the right time.

We are offering pilots for pollination of strawberries, tomatoes, pepper and eggplant in greenhouses and vertical farms.

Accelerate hybrid seed development

Autonomous self-pollination

Increase self efficiency and eliminate the inconsistencies of manual and bee pollination in pure line development.

Autonomous cross pollination in hybridization

Valuable germplasm is lost each time cross-pollination is done improperly. With autonomous miniature drones, perform targeted crosses at just the right time to obtain clear outcomes for your trials.

Make faster and better breeding decisions with Phenobee

High-throughput data collection

With our autonomous drones, collect high-res visual data and eliminate cost and subjectivity of manual measurements.

Phenobee: digital phenotyping platform

Measure, visualize and compare plant traits from the images using bleeding-edge AI and computer vision.

Currently, we are offering phenotyping services for watermelon, tomato, pepper and cucumber.


The Agency supports us with horticultural know-how and its network of local growers.

The Foundation supports our development of autonomous pollination methods for indoor farming.

We are alumni of NUSGRIP, the university's deep-tech accelerator.

We work with SGInnovate on its talent programs like Summation and Infinity.

Media and recognition

Global top 100 finalist

Global top 50 finalist

Global top 4 finalist

We are announcing a global call for pilot trials

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